Welcome to the new House of Pain Community

  • We are online! We hope you enjoy our new website.
  • Existing users should request a password recovery before logging in.
  • Bugs and/or glitches may still appear. Please make a post in the request forum when you find any bugs and/or glitches.

Here we are, after 3 days of downtime on our website. 2 days longer then anticipated due to some stupidity on my end.
Ever since the House of Pain Community was founded to main idea was to build a multi-gaming clan and/or community.
Unfortunately, it never really came to the point were we became an actual multi-gaming community until now!
We spend 6 months developing, testing and improving the new website, and now it’s finally here the newly improved House of Pain Community website.

A bigger website with a bigger forum separated into multiple games, more gaming related features such as scrims/matches, tournaments and teams. A news and review system and even a webshop if we ever intend to selling things.
Today is the day where we head into a new direction. A direction where we become a true multi-gaming community. Gathering people from different games all around the world.


Even tho we officially made our website public for everybody, we are still under development and actively changing layouts and adding new features to our website.
This also means that some features and/or styles might not function the way we intend it to work, or might not look the way we want it to.

If you have any requests on changing certain layouts, styles or features or maybe you are missing a feature, finding a bug or finding a ugly looking or unfitting style, then note them to us in the request forum.


I hope everybody will enjoy our new website and help us improve our website.


Below will be an FAQ with questions regarding our new website.

Kind Regards,
House of Pain Management


Frequently asked questions

1. Why did we change software?

Due to some licensing issues we decided to change to a free forum software. We have been running our previous forum on paid forum software, and the owner of the license wanted it back to build it’s own community. We got the license for free, thus we don’t bother giving it back. When looking at the price for the same license we came to approximately 250 dollar excl. our current theme and addons. Therefore we decided to go for free software and we bought a premuim theme with gaming related plugins for a much cheaper and more affordable price.


2. How do i create teams, scrims/matches and/or tournaments?

We are currently working on making tutorials which will explain to you how to easily create these things.


3. How do i get to my gaming forum?

Under “Forum” in the menu you’ll get a dropdown where you can select the forum you want to visit. You can also visit the global forum where everything is stationed.
In the near future we will be using domains such as sof2.houseofpainserver.com, csgo.houseofpainserver.com, pubg.houseofpainserver.com etc…
However these domains currently do not work yet.





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