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imgSummer Clan Night 2018 p1 Created by punisher

It has been a while since we organized a clan night, and as i'm going away for a while, i'd go for atleast one more Clan night before i'm going.

I've already announced it about a week ago, and now i'll set it up by our new system. The new Clan Night will contain gametypes such as Capture the Flag, Team Deathmatch, Infiltration and Demolition.

Hosted on Saturday 3th of August 2018 at 21:00 Europe/London Timezone.

The maps have been chosen by popularity and the amount of times we have played them or have been requested.

Started on
August 4, 2018 9:00 pm


  • img

    3 out of 32

  • img

    Tournament type
  • img

    Server: NAME: <HoP> Clan Night


Tournament details

  • Game

    Soldier of Fortune 2 v1.03
  • Contestants

  • Game format

    Best of 2
  • Game frequency

  • Tournament frequency

    Please choose


  • hf_subway

  • mp_dep1

  • mp_italy

  • mp_shop4

  • mp_shop69

  • ras_conference_room

  • xmas_jor



All the default server rules apply including no hacking and/or cheating. If you are using a mod and are in doubt wether or not it's allowed simply ask it and we'll tell you if we allow it or not.

Not Allowed: Any type of hack such as wallhack and aimbot.
Visual boosts such as Glowskins are not allowed either!
In case there are not enough people attending the clannight, then the clan night will be scratched on our Clan Night server and instead be held on the House of Pain server (Main server).

This will be discussed when all participants have entered the server.
All maps can be downloaded from our website. Click here to download.
Optionally maps could also be downloaded from the servers. (Only if enabled by our administrators)

Winner Prizes

img Place img Reward
imgplace 1 : King of the night
imgplace 2 : Loser
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