House of Pain Rules

Your Behaviour

Since we pride ourselves on being a friendly bunch of people with no abusive behavior, this means that all members of House of Pain are expected to act the same way and be helpful and polite to people at all times.

Obviously we don’t mind a bit of fun banter here and there, but make sure you understand where the line is and DO NOT cross it.

Your behavior reflects back on as us as a whole!

This rule also applies to users who are playing on other servers also! We respect the their rules and are not abusive in other servers as you still represent us when you use our tags.

If you are unsure what things are not acceptable then take a look at the points below…

  • Abusive Language
  • Racial Abuse
  • Sexual Abuse
  • Religious Abuse
  • Stalking
  • Threads of any kind
  • Spam

** Remember that we have young players on our server and they DO NOT need to be a subject of such things, so think before you say something as all chats and games are logged on our servers and are often checked!

Warning & Demotions

When a member violates we rules we followed a warning system that can lead up to 3 points. When you reach the 3 points, then you will be demoted to a lower rank.

If you have 1 warning point, then you will lose it after 1 month if you enforced the rules and followed the feedback that had been given to you.

You can only receive a warning point if the majority of the leadership agrees uppon the penalty. You cannot be punished by an individual weither that is a leader or another admin.

You only receive warning points if you frequently violate the rules. (does not apply to cheating) Accidents and mistakes can happen, and won’t be punished unless it deliberately done.

If you want to report a member, or you feel that you have been abused by one of our admins, then make contact with one of the leaders. They will try to handle the situation with to much hastle coming from the rest of the community.

It’s everybody’s task to help us maintain this system, by reporting the members that are violating the rules. It’s the duty of our Admins to give an example, and to make the community and the clan a better place for everybody!

Recruitment System

The leadership has decided to change our recruitment system. Our recruitment procedures will now take longer, to be more secure to who we are recruiting. This is for our clan and visitor’s sake and not to “bully” our applicants.


The voting process for an applicant will last 1 week OR at least 12 votes, from which 75% is a YES or Undecided.

Somebody will not be recruited earlier, when not meeting any of these 2 criteria.

A Vote may take longer, if the votes are in the applicants disadvantage (+51% NO). If the votes after the week (7 days) are in the applicants favor (+51% YES or UNDECIDED), then the applicant will be accepted as a trial member.

Discussion will continue during the applicants trial period, and the final decision will be made during the discussion (by vote counts).


No applicant is able to skip the trial process, as this period is meant for members to change their votes, for the once that haven’t seen or do not know the applicant yet to get to know the applicant, or for the once that did not give their vote yet, to make their vote and give their voice.

A trial member will have the full member powers excl. forum clan sections, as this is for discussion and further polls about the member.

A trial lasts between 2 to 6 weeks.

If no discussions have happened about the trial member, then he/she will be automatically promoted to ‘Full Member’ once the 2 weeks are over.

If discussions are still going on after these 2 weeks, the trial member will remain as a trial as long as the discussion goes on (max. 6 weeks). When the 6 weeks are over, the leadership will give the final by the arguments of the members in the discussion.

The trial member will be overviewed and guided by our members, if necessary.

A denied applicant is always welcome to make an apply again, once he thinks he has improved or is ready for it again. The same procedure will follow.

False Promises, Result leaks & Whining

Clanmembers are not allowed to make so called ‘false’ promises and/or leak poll results to the applicant.
e.g. Saying something to a potential member which might no actually happen.

When somebody starts whining for admin or clan, then he/she will be automatically denied from the trials, and it’s possibility to get admin will shrink.


We do not tolerate any form of cheating from any user let alone from our own members.
There are many various cheats available to download online and a lot of them are easy to be spotted by our experienced admin team.


Certain mods and commands are counted as cheats, as they may give you an unfair advantage. If you are not sure if a mod or command is allowed on our servers, then please ask one of our admins.


If you are a known cheater or have been known to be cheating then we would suggest that you do not bother making a join request to begin with, as your application will be denied.

If you are caught cheating on our servers regardless of your membership status then you will be removed from the team and you will end up with a permanent ban from our website and servers with no hop of return.

If you have been known as a cheater in the past then we would suggest that you don’t bother making a join request to begin with as your application will be denied.

If you are caught cheating in our server regardless of membership status you will be removed from the team and you will end up with a perm ban from our site and servers with no hope of return.



Removing your Tags

If you remove your tag then we will take it as you have decided to leave the team.
There is no reason to remove your tag unless your .cfg file has been wiped by mistake.

If you are found to have removed your tags without good reason, and remain playing without them for the rest of the game, then we see that as a “Leave” and you will be removed from the team.

Admin Abuse

If you have been lucky enough to be granted admin powers on our server then make sure that you only use them for the good of the server and nothing else , this means that if you having a bad game that you are not to lash out on players that are killing you and popping them or kicking them from the server.

We DO NOT have a rule against general camping, and a visitor can not be punished for this by an administrator. There is however an Anti-Camping system, that requires you to move every once in a while.
Be aware that Spawn & Flag Camping however is NOT allowed, and is punishable by our members.

If you need to punish someone who is being abuse them you should mute them before kicking them , normally muting gives the player a 5 minute period to calm down and the server will automtically unmute after 5 minutes. If but only if they remain abusive then can you kick them from the server but make sure you have covered yourself by taking a screenshot of the abuse before you kick the player just in case they accuse you of admin abuse.

**Please not that admin powers are not a entitlement and are not given to everyone unless we feel they can be trusted with it. Normally admin powers are given to active users who have proved they are mature enough after a 1 month period.

Teamspeak & Discord Usage

We encourage users of our servers to take full advantage of our teamspeak & discord servers to communicate with other players & members of our community but we do not allow users to abuse the teamspeak or discord systems in our server.

Players that are found to be pinpointing players locations via spectator mode to players in game us strictly forbidden.
We find this method a form of cheating and players that abuse it will find themselves receiving the same punishment as a player who has downloaded a illegal cheat to gain the upper hand on our server.
All players involved in any misuse such as “Spotting” will be punished as this kind of behavior is disruptive and unfair for others.


Creation / Rebranding of our Gameservers

If you have your own game server running on a game that we are playing we do ask that you are not to use it as a House of Pain server. We have our own official server up and running and this is the only one that should be branded with the “House of Pain” name as has been setup to how it should be.

We will never share our servers files with players/clans as they are unique to our clan and our community and have taken a long time to get perfected.

If you are caught using your own server as a House of Pain server then you will be banned from our server and you will be banned from using our site. We will also report your server to your GSP to make sure your server is being used responsible to users that may be tricked into visiting your server as their ip’s will be logged on your server and we will not be responsible for any harm that comes to their hardware or internet connection.

Join Template

When you are applying to join House of Pain use this template below. Please fill it out to the best of your ability and be truthful with your application.

In-game Name:
What are you past clans?
Where did you hear about us?
Why do you want to join us?
Would you be willing to donate?

We do not expect “favored” answers, we only expect honest answers.
When your application does not have at least this structure, then your application won’t be discussed until you used the correct format.

Extra information is always welcome

Ban Appeal

We have experienced a few issues previously so this guideline will outline what should happen from the player involved in the ban and our admin team.

Ban Appeal Timescale

When you are appealing a ban from our community server we suggest the all appeals & re appeals are made no later then 14 days.

Appeals that are made after 14 days after the original ban will not be investigated any further.

Our admins are always happy to review each case to the best of our ability and are always as fair and quick as possible when dealing with each appeal.

Can i see the proof?

If you wish to request the evidence that we have recorded of you cheating then you are more then welcome to be provided with the proof and time stamps of the periods of unfair play activity.

Our admins will explain the reasons behind the timestamps and what their finding are.

Behavior during your appeal

We understand that being banned is a frustrating time for players especially those that enjoy playing on our server.

We understand that it’s even more frustrating when you have been wrongfully banned by one of our team but we ask that all users making a ban appeal makes their appeal topic in a mature and respectful manner.

Try to avoid causing trouble for yourself by trolling the admin or admins that banned you in the first place.

Simply provide the details that we will need to know such as the following ….

  • Date & Time of Ban
  • Your Game Name
  • Reason Give for ban
  • Admins Name

Once we have this information then a member of our team will reply to your appeal thread and we will then start to investigate the appeal.

This means speaking to the admin or admins involved directly or look over the proof they have provided to confirm if the ban should remain or be removed.

Appeal denied / Ban Removed!

Once we have come to a conclusion on your appeal your original Appeal topic title will be renamed as either Appeal Denied or Ban Removed.

There will be a brief explanation behind the outcome left by a member of the admin team to inform you of our findings and the outcome.

At this point we tend to close Ban Appeal threads (This is not to hide your appeal away or prevent you from talking but just to prevent the topic turning into a troll war.)

Your Appeal will remain in the Ban Appeal section for others to read and for your to still access.

However if you wish to speak to us regarding your case further then we suggest you do this via private message to one our leaders.

If we have found that you ban has been wrongfully done then we will make sure your ban is removed from our ban list as promptly as possible.

We will provide you with a apology and welcome you back into the server and remain civil throughout the whole process.

Accidents happen, everyone of us is only human and its bound to happen from time to time but like i previously mentioned we will always be as fair as we can with all players regardless of membership status or friendship status.

Cookie Policy

What are Cookies?

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For more general information on cookies see the Wikipedia article on HTTP Cookies…

How we use Cookies

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Disabling cookies

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The Cookies we set

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Third Party Cookies

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More information

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Email: tech@houseofpainserver.com

Account Removal

In order to comply to GDPR, all requests on account-removals will be granted.

However, for every request we make sure the consequences are clear. Mainly aiming that once deleted, your account can not be restored, and a new account has to be created.

If, in any case, you are unsure whether to delete or not. You are always free to remove any personal information from your account, thus making it as anonymous as possible.


Be Aware: Only requests from the accounts or the emails connected to the account will be honored. Confirmation will always be made, before such huge request will be honored.