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I noticed our administrator rules are not written clearly, so this post will ensure some general rules and/or guidelines.


Over the past few years, we’ve never utilized our full ranking capabilities on our server. As we are now allowing non-clan members to help our community moderated and clean, we think it would be a good idea to make separation between our clan and non-clan members.

Therefore, we are introducing the following rankings.


Obviously, everybody with the “clan” rank is a clan member and should be using the “<HoP>” prefix in-front of their name.

They generally have the same capabilities as all other players, however a separate “clan” chat is offered, where they can privately chat within the clan. This can be done by typing “!cc” before the text, and it will be messaged to all other clan members.


Referees are non-clan members and are here to help the community and us to moderate our server and keep it clean from cheaters.

Referees will be granted general moderating powers, such as mute, kick, ban and force team.

We do not take external clan policies into consideration when granting a playing the status of a Referee. We expect the player to know their own clan policy.

House of Pain Management


Administrators are clan members and will be granted most powers necessary to moderate our servers. They’ll generally have extended power, in case it’s necessary.


What separates Leaders from Administrators is that Leaders have the sole power to execute strategically important decisions for the community that are beyond their managerial regular day to day duties. Meaning administrators can only suggest or additionally advise Leaders on issues that are beyond the tasks that they specifically perform, while only the Leaders have the sole power to execute or forfeit any kinds of strategical decisions for the Clan.


Administrators and Referees will generally be following the same set of rules, regarding the use of their powers.


As an admin or referee it’s your task to keep our server clean and welcoming. To help you understand how we expect you to moderate our servers, we have set the below rules for you to follow as closely as possible.

We give you the freedom to decide your own actions, when edge-cases occur, BUT you are expected to make rational decision!

Abusing your Powers

Both Administrators and Referees are expected to use their moderation powers responsibly. Any form of abuse or mismanagement will result in a demotion of your powers and possible removal from the clan and/or community when it was done with malicious intent.


We generally discourage muting players unless absolutely necessary.
You are allowed to mute a player when:

  • A player threatens another player player
  • A player is doxing another player
  • A player is making the server toxic, usually by saying toxic sentences in the chat.

When you should NOT mute a player when:

  • A player is spamming (a command, a word or a sentence). As our server should handle this appropriately after 5 consecutive spam chats. However, when a user seems to be bypassing the protection measurements, you are allowed to mute the Player.
  • 2 or 3 players have beef with each other, simply tell them to ignore each other using the “/ignore (id)” command. If they keep commenting on each other in a toxic manner, then you are allowed to mute both players.


All admins and referees should be careful with banning players, especially when there is any case of doubt.

You are allowed to ban a player when:

  • A player is obviously cheating, you have evidence (in the form of a demo) and there can absolutely be no doubt. (if there is any chance of doubt, then we expect you to discuss the player with other referees and administrators or to request a demo-review.
  • A player has previously been banned and is still on our banlist or when a player is marked to be banned (due to a verdict or other reasons) by leadership.

You are NOT allowed to ban a player when:

  • There is any chance of doubt the player is cheating and/or hacking.
  • A player is annoying
  • A player is lagging
  • You do not have a valid reason

You should also always have a message set when banning a player, as this would easily indicate what the player is banned for when looking ban on our banlist.e.g “!ba 1 wh” or “!ba 1 on banlist”

Subnet Banning

We strongly, discourage the use of subnet banning, as this might potentially exclude a set of innocent players from playing on our server.

We therefore, only allow subnet banning when a player is 99% to be using a VPN while being banned on our server.


You are only allowed to forceteam when:

  • The teams are uneven and auto-teams does not kick-in.
  • A player is AFK or has 999 ping for an extended period of time. Which means they do not participate to the game.

You are not allowed to forceteam when:

  • A player has high pings and does not have 999 pings for an extended period of time.
  • There is no valid reason to.


You are only allowed to kick when:

  • A player is 999 for an extended period of time. However, you are mandatory to leave a message to the player similar to “999 ping, please reconnect”.
  • The server is full and players are in spectator mode not playing. Do ask these players if they are going to join in and play or they’ll be kicked to make room. When kicking a player in this case, you are mandatory to leave a message to the player similar to “Server cleanup due to full server, you were AFK”.


You are only allowed to use these powers when a person on the banlist is ignoring the ban and keeps coming back. You are then free to utilize the “abusive” commands on this players, so they’ll be discouraged to join our server.
What does each of this command do?

  • Pop will simply makes the player explode.
  • Plant will plant the player in the ground, however the play can still shoot and use his gun.
  • Burn will gradually burn this player. You’ll usually need 2 to 3 burns before the player dies.
  • uppercut launches the player in the air, but does no damage to the player.
  • Runover will shoot the player back and does little damage.
  • Flask will completely blind the player for a certain period of time.
  • Strip will remove all weapons (except knife) from the player. The player can however, pick up weapons again.


You are only allowed to use these powers when a poll has been passed where over 55% of the server has accepted to change map or mapcycle. By default map and gametype voting is disable, and we expect everybody to change a map with mapcycle with care, as to avoid the server flooding with bots.

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