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All tournaments have some ruleset to avoid confusion and to state the obvious.

Below are the given rules that we utilize during the MK Tournaments.

These rules must be followed but are not limited by the extend of these rules.

-No set deadline, referees will work with contestants to set a specific date and time in the soonest reasonable amount of time when both must show up to play an official Quarterfinals duel. After you set the time and date you can’t cancel it unless a force majeure even happens (covered in FAQ and Info Document) as only in this case it’s acceptable. Failing to notify TM in advance may result in a disqualification! The time and date will be reported publicly by referees!

-You must notify the referees in a public platform of your official duel, but not later than at least 24 hours before it happens and the official duels are to be held only from 16:00-22:00 UK Time no matter of the day.

-By default you and your opponent can both play/use any weapons you wish at any point in the duel! You can also suggest and agree to play any duel/map on any weapons with your opponent exclusively (for example shotty, kinves, snipers etc. only), but if you don’t agree on the exclusive weapons with your opponent, then the default setting like mentioned above in this very rule always applies.

-The duel shall consist of a series of what’s known as “best of five”, or the first to three map wins (first opponent to win 3 maps no matter if maps in total won were 3-0, 3-1 or 3-2), will be proclaimed the victor and shall advance to Semifinals of MK4 next bracket! The person who lost three maps is eliminated from the tournament.

-At the start of the duel the opponents are taken to a map of !map one_one_one where a knife tossing duel till first kill is held (NB! Suicide by of one opponent is considered a kill for the other opponent!). The opponents are spawned in central arena of the map and asked to go downstairs to their respective entrances simultaneously, where the one who kills his opponent first with a knife is granted the map pick, yet he can now choose to go with his map first or defer and go second, as he pleases (if the opponent who won the knife toss defers, the other opponent can’t refuse and must pick his map first!). NB! Rules hereforth are not to be confused, tread the same with !map one_on_one two map ties in a row special situations rules as explained below!

-Once the order is clear and the first map has been played, the other map must be of the other opponent’s choice (a zig-zag order in perpetuity) and thus the order goes until either the match has been won 3-0, 3-1, or until at any point in the duel the map wins are tied 2-2, meaning that both opponents have both won 2 maps each. Then the final theoretical ‘fifth’ map that must be picked now is called a tiebreaker map.

-A tiebreaker map pick is a map which must be played in order to determine the winner of the duel/match in the case of 2-2 map tie. The opponent who must pick the tiebreaker map is an opponent with the most cumulative points through the only 4 maps that have been definitively won between the two opponents (without maps that ended in ties in final score eg. 30-30). The tiebreaker map picked can be a map that favors any opponent (an act of ultimate sacrifice and test of might!). In the rare case that the cumulative sums are tied as well, then the tiebreaker map goes to the opponent who was next in the zig-zag order as in the previous rule! The referees are responsible for both counting the cumulative points through the decided won maps accurately and without error as in case of one, of course the contestants are also invited to keep their own screenshots and evidence of tiebreaker situations in case of personal suspicion. All cases of suspicion shall be investigated by referees with diligence on the spot or afterwards using all the evidence mentioned below. However rematches are to be avoided at all possible costs!

– Any map resulting in a tie score between opponents (for example 20-20, 10-10 etc.) is not counted in the tournament in ANY way, HOWEVER the zig-zag order of picking the next map from it does proceed to the other opponent automatically. This rule is forever inacted in every tie map situation even if a tiebreaker map resulted in a tie as well!

-If at any point in the duel there are two map ties in a row (eg. 20-20 and 15-15 in succession) at the end of the second map tied the opponents shall be transfered to a !map one_on_one, with both coming down to their respective entrances and on the referees chat command ‘FIGHT!’ they shall enter the central stage on the map at exactly the same time and duel. Once an opponent has killed the other, both are respawned and the process shall last until an opponent kills the other 2 times scoring 2 points first and thus is proclaimed the winner of the map. Victory on this special one_on_one map means adding +1 map win to the overall duel map score in the series (eg. if before total of won maps was 1-0 in favor of one opponent, by winning !map one_on_one, the other opponent made the overall map score in the series 1-1 now etc.). The map picking then proceeds as per usual zig-zag order with the opponent who picked the last (aka 2nd tied) map now giving the order up to the other opponent. NB! Any win on !map one_on_one does NOT count towards cumulative points accumulated by the opponents, it shall always be considered to add 0 to any opponents point total sum!

-The maps where opponents had already played no matter of the result can’t be chosen anymore in the current duel.

-Referees record all demos and screenshots (demos in their perspective). At the end of map when timelimit hits referees need to make a screenshot of the score and all of the taken screenshots (including tie score maps) need to be posted in as a public evidence of relevant platform of the games played. Each duelist/spectator can record a demo himself at any point and submit to the official tournament team this demo for review to tournament management, especially if a player is to accuse a contestant of cheating or of other suspicious activity. Evidence can be posted publicly or privately to tournament management.

-In the Quatrerfinals professional commentary/streaming commentary (latter if possible) videos shall be made of contestants, but by stepping into the tournament, they must do so in good faith in the tournament team and relinquish their right to have issues/creative control to the content that will be produced in any way (demos, screenshots, other images, commentary videos etc). Contestants agree on being filmed and the gameplay footages in form of demos, or livefootage of both respectful players/spectators etc with or without commentary to be posted on HOP official Youtube channel as well as any other streaming/video/public platforms HOP approves.

-In The Semifinals some of the rules of the tournament may change and on later stages as well. Same goes with running regulations like map exploits etc. The contestants are to obey the terms of the tournament and referees, any criticisms can be done in public forum manner. The contestants are considered to agree with all of the above by signing up to the tournament.

-As of Quarterfinals the public commentary on official tournament match is not accepted for spectators (contestants and referees only, unless using teamchatting option if such exists), unless referees allow players to speak, or in-between map starts/map ends and breaks. However if both contestants before match decide to allow the public talk, it will be allowed by referees henceforth for the duration of the match. Otherwise any commentary should be done in PM form only using the tell #id command in console. These rules may change at any point if we find effective ways to allow public communication/chat.

Tournament Regulations For Quarterfinals Of M K | I V

– Tournament Management Members Responsible For The Tournament: Punisher/Maestro

– Official Referees For Quarterfinals: Punisher/Maestro

– At any time during this tournament the management and/or referees may change without further notice, especially in later stages of the tournament.

– Management and/or referees are allowed to participate; however, they are not allowed to judge their own matches, nor are they allowed to make a match fixture, unless it is done over a live-feed in public (livestream) with other management members and/or people present.

– People with a clear understanding of the rules above and/or in remembrance of previous tournaments can apply to help us with officiating (write PM to Maestro). However their knowledge of the rules will be tested/trained, rules have to be clear for a referee at all times!)

-ONE up to eight minute break at halftime (less much preferred) is allowed to be taken by one contestant who applies for it first, however it is to be done only at volition of referees who decide where the halftime point most likely is, contestants must proceed in accordance to instructions!

-Contestants are allowed to reserve 1v1 server for their training/practices with their training partners or other contestants and if they don’t allow any 3rd party to enter ingame that 3rd party must oblige and sit/be forced in spectator or leave. Priority always is on immediate contestants if their match is upcoming or they are in the round where they need to train beforehand, thus they must be reasonably allowed to practice and get ingames even if other contestants are practicing. Contestants who shall be given S-Admin rights, are fully in their right to do so. The other contestants who want to train, must do so after the current ones have done so in live que. Outsider interests are barred until contestant ones are fulfilled.

-S-Admin is to be given to all contestants for the duration of the tournament on the 1v1 server (either passworded or simple). However the contestants themselves must be careful in giving S-Admin to anyone else besides their training partner/partners. Giving S-Admin to people outside of this circle is strictly forbidden and can only be done by <HoP> clan members of specific rank. Also S-Admin is strictly forbidden to be abused on the server in order to taunt, harass, kick or ban other players if they act in accordance to HoP server user guidelines and will not be tolerated, as adminship just helps contestants to prepare for the tournament and have fun, but not at other players expense. Any abuses will be reported in public topic.

-Obeying referee instructions once the official duel has started is an obligation of contestants and spectators, by signing up to the tournament and coming to spectate you are considered to do so. Freedom of speech is granted, both on servers and forums and ingame and in the duel, however when a specific instruction by a referee is given a conestant and/or spectator MUST obey this instruction, referees mishaps can be discussed later on forum/in the topic or after the game, but in the duel referee specific instructions are to be respected, else appropriate punishment will be handed, up to contestant/spectator disqualification/ban. As an example a referee is allowed to substract points gained from a contestant if he managed to use a map exploit or pause the match and warn him to return at a safe distance, or after ignoring warnings to kick the contestant out and disqualify him. This part of all pertaining rules and situations outside of them are covered by common sense.

-We are looking into livestreaming options for further rounds of the tournament in order to stream prominent matches and to deliver commentary videos quicker to our audiences. We are opened to suggestions or livestreaming offers from HoP and outside creators.


Forbidden Map Exploits For The Tournament

1. MK Iceworld (Custom Made Map For MK By MDK NickL: !map mk_iceworld): Roofing on 4 ice pillars and adjacent connecting pipelines.

2. Anticamper (!map anticamper): Using the glass walls to jump into a teleport in the corner to get to a safe room.

3. Instant Mincemeat (!map instant_mincemeat): Using the both teleports on the sides of the map where the boxes lay, thus teleporting onto a roofing location platform upon the map.

Forbidden map exploits may not be limited by the list above, if you are unsure whether or not a certain “exploit”, “teleporter”, “roof placement” is allowed then you should contact Tournament management. The list above will be updated appropriately once it is forbidden.

If an “exploit”, “teleporter”, “roof placement” is allowed after review, it will also be updated appropriately stating that it IS allowed to be used during a match.

A video showing the exact exploits can be found here:

Allowed Strategies/Tactics (More in FAQ And Strategy Tips)

1. Forcespawning aka using map’s spawning logic to one’s benefit to predict an opponent spawning

2. Using up the 5 second respawn interval to full extent to surprise an opponent tactically or used systematically as a strategy

3. Using 2sec Spawnprotection aka 2 seconds of invincibility when a contestant has just respawned to evade the opponent or hide or start shooting right at that exact time.

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