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    Welcome to the Soldier of Fortune 2 : 1.00 Downloads Thread.
    If you would like to download the full version of Soldier of Fortune 2 – v1.00 Edition then you can do so below. The version of the game is still very active with plenty of active servers on including a HouseOfPain Server.
    Soldier of Fortune 2 : 1.00 Full Download :
    You can download this programme to use while you play Soldier of Fortune 1.00 to provide players and server admins with peace of mind that you are playing fairly at all times. With this programme players & server admins can request fairplay screensots of what you see showing players/admins any cheats you may have activated.
    Most of the server require players to use this system before they allow you to carry on playing (especially if your owning everyone)
    Fairlplay Anticheat Download :
    This is the other version of anti cheat that is available for Soldier of Fortune 2 – 1.00 and its more discreet and allows you to play without any form of fps / performace lag that can be caused by Fairplays AC from time to time.
    It is limited in its features , for example you can’t request fairshots of another players screen while they are using this system. Its simply created by stopping prevented cvars

    1fx. Anti Cheat Download : … -anticheat (Account Required)

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