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    Date & Time of Ban : Sun. 4 Oct. ca. 1300
    Your Game Name : UnnamedPlayer
    Reason Give for ban : no admin explanation, accusation by self-acclaimed ‘master’ (of m203)
    Admins Name : (e&e) psycho

    I’ve been playing for many years. My guess is experience using predictable sounds and movements were perceived as wh (which i condemn). Maybe weedman noticed if he wasn’t too busy making racist comments to offend Egyptian players (or stoned ;).

    About the House of Pain

    “The House of Pain Community was created by 5 like minded players.. Who wanted to create a place for players to enjoy and feel at home without the usual rubbish that came with a lot of other servers such as unneccesary abusive behaviour, cheating, admin abuse and horribly laggy servers. We don’t play to win, we play for fun and we try to make sure our visitors are doing the same.. Our goals as a clan and as a community is to create a one stop server where players are having fun and are enjoying their time on our servers.”
    Is this still valid or betrayed by now? Edit: got proof? Show me.


    This case can be handle faster on discord. So, please come to out discord channel and present your appeal on #complaints

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