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    Hey guys,

    We want to make the recruitment process as smooth as possible for everybody.
    Throughout the years we have changed our recruitment process and switched between multiple methods.
    Now we want to test a completely new, faster and easier recruitment process for everybody.

    the process goes as following:
    1. The person (applicant) that wants to join the clan goes to the recruitment section and creates an application according to our “Join Template“.
    2. An admin confirms the application to be according to the join template.
    3. The admin will send a “Welcome to the clan and tag up” message to the application topic, if the application is compliant to the join template and is filled in seriously.
    4. The applicant can now tag up and will be added to the clan list.

    If the application does not meet the join template or is not filled in seriously (according to our admins), then they’ll notify it in the application topic to change your application. If you do need meet these 2 criteria then you won’t be allowed to join our clan.

    If a member has anything against a new recruit that joined throughout the new recruitment process, he/she has to contact one of the leaders with their reasons.
    The leaders will either try to solve the problem or take it into account, in case other people also complain.

    If to many people complain a newly recruited member can be kicked from the clan.

    We hope this makes it much easier for people to join and make the recruitment process faster.

    If you have any questions, simply post them below.
    Kind regards,
    House of Pain management



    WHY NOT???

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