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    I remember a story I read on the internet of ex shooting the guy

    Storm, post: 25216, member: 69 wrote:
    Haha very entertaining, but you could use some room between the lines to make it more pleasant to read :).
    Well im not going to address this all now ( sincec got to do some work soon ), but that testing part is true what comes to women ( but with varying degree, from next to nothing to EXTREME ). I did date once a girl who had real extreme ways to test me ( and also to satisfy her own needs of power), she tried sometimes to get me in violent situation while we were out. For example this one time we had long night out ( we had long dinner and lot of drinks ), so we are walking back to the taxis past this grill restaurant Place. There are 5 arabs sitting and eating their burgers. I mean they are just minding their own business, not making any trouble or even noise. This girlfriend of mine walks to one of them, and SLAPS him in the face! She is drunk of course ( she didint like muslims either that much really ). I could not believe my eyes, I was thinking ”wow they gona jump up and I am not going to win this fight”, but to my surprise they did just smirk and even laugh about it little bit.

    So I didint tarry no longer, I did grab her By arm and had to force march her out of there. She was classic example of very manipulative woman ( well actually a real bitch sometimes :D ), but it was fun also sometimes. Good looking blonde also, the reason I had to let go of her later, she had child ( not By me, but before I met her ).

    Storm, post: 25231, member: 69 wrote:
    Yep about women testing you, this one I mentioned above, I think its actually true what you said earlier, its not purely meant to be manipulative, but actually mechanism of psychology how women are simply build. It probably comes from the necessity of reproducing, since its the woman who comes up with the ”eggs” and man who have traditionally offered the resources for this process ( By this I mean raising up children of course ). So there is a huge need for woman to find the right mate who will provide for the before mentioned resources AND man who will actually stick around and deliver as long as there is need. And then comes in the ‘testing” to see if the man is right material for this or not. Some call it ”shit test” I believe.

    Of course the lack of this testing or testing the wrong things can lead the unfortunate situation of single parenthood. To look this issue from larger scale, like from socio economic viewpoint, since this process can easily go wrong for women, is the birth of social/ welfare state, like in my country. It is interesting subject on its own, since it has replaced the need for women to actually find resource gatherer for them ( if you look it strictly from such perspective), but instead they can rely to the state to provide for them, and this is in my opinion a hard hit to society as whole, since family is the most important unit after individual of course. This kind of system was mostly voted gradually by women after they got the right to vote. Interesting huh :) ? But true.

    But its still the men who end up paying for this system, in form of taxes, since they form the majority of states GDP ( gross domestic product )
    but they do not get in return what they did traditionally have ( family and companionship, sex If you will ). In result there are loads of women in my country who are single parents and men who also live alone ( they pay for the reproducing ) but they get nothing for it. Sad situation.

    This same applies of course to social emigration as well, but that alone is a huge subject to talk about.

    WOW AMAZING STUFF MAN. Well yes first of all about the woman you were with it’s really unfortunate, really great and interesting story. Yes some women are absolutely crazy like that. Don’t forget some of these muslims are very crazy as well so I mean who knows how it could’ve turned out, thank GOD they had sense of humour, but this is kinda like almost a life threatening situation she got you in for real. Glad it was all okay bro!

    I probably will have to make a separate topic about women/psychological discussion lol. As these topics are huge, but yes today’s reality is that many women don’t need a provider type male anymore. Some women don’t even need men for maybe only other reason than sex and it’s okay I guess. Some men also just go their own way without women. But let me tell you Storm that a lot of guys who do not understand or reasearch women shall be in great great deal of trouble as they most likely won’t get laid for years or remain virgins for a long long time in todays world. So the only other way for a man to also help his success chances with women is to be quite successful himself. Meaning like a businessman, artist etc. Meaning women do want men who can succeed in this world or at least be in top 5% of their craft,- a so called Alpha male shit. It’s clear that women who are desired by men are looking for the best men, so it does get lonely at the top so the man should stand up from all other men they ever met. And that’s where I come in WHAHHAHAHA. Kidding.

    Yes bro women topics are endless, I think I shall create psychology and women discussion for real!




    Like Brian Adams sang, everybody needs someone to love.

    I actually defend more women should be on relevant positions, but most of them are doing it for the wrong reasons. That’s the sad part. That femenism thing, IMHO is doing more damage than good. It’s setting a men VS women conflict.
    Also Jennifer Lawrence barked about women rights in the movie industry and stuff, in the end she got a big fat paycheck. You think she really cares about the rest?

    So if anyone of you is interested in some good horror reading then it’s for sure H.P. Lovecraft. I finished listening to this quite a long time ago and it’s really eerie stuff, I love it. Also narrator did great job there!


    I am on my way to finish this audio and it’s amazing. only 10 mins left I love it! Lovecraft was a true genius of horror. Some people call it Gothic horror! it’s fucking amazing!!!



    Allrighty so I actually send this to one Fiction Writers competition, I honestly do not give a fuck at all if I get this job or not as there are plenty of others quite better for me and my intuition says it’s not the greatest job for me or whatever but if they contact me and they agree on my terms I will help their company to get better (don’t get me wrong I am humble, but to write such stuff you need lots and lots of energy and you can’t do anything creative which does not come on your own terms and you can compromise very very little). I just wanted to prove to myself that I am not afraid of any challenge and I will attack it like a fucking beast. So without further ado it’s just a very very small segment of my horror fiction inspired by one H.P.Lovecraft.

    NB! This fiction is 18+ and it’s really disturbing! Well at least I hope it to be so!
    But this is unfinished work, I will craft it a little later for youtube!

    And there she stood, the abomination of highest order. Covered in slime,- lips foaming from a substance yet not ever to be known to any human being. The spiteful creature was about eight feet tall and it almost seemed that time and space were warped around it as if it was the center of the known universe.

    No God! I can’t stand it! This is madness, this is bottomless pit of agony, chilling to the bone and rupturing whatever merit of existence I ever thought or ever conceived in my mind. That perplexing, infinite, indefinite form of uttermost proportions made my eye sockets crave to be gouged out to not be able to witness anything about this monstrosity. If I could not see a beautiful sunset nor contours of the most beautiful women of Earth anymore, I was willing to give all that up just to stop seeing of what was in front of me. That blasphemous fiend, the ghoul of unimaginable horror, could by the sheer look of it make the most brave individual cry out from instant dementia as if this hound of being can penetrate the human anatomy and crawl into it from an unseen gate and just like a virus infect all tissues of men.

    Concentrated yet infamous crawling breed of most disgusting tentacle like claws one could ever imagine from the most vile of horror books was standing there, delivering, shivering and lingering as if almost protruding your very core, your very soul with relentless panic and reverberating it to you in the back of your mind over and over and over again. This disgust, the reflex of urgent need to vomit, this utter discontent of the worst kind was giving me cold shivers and a rush of fever I never had in my worst sickness. I tried to unsee what I seen and I begged for mercy of gods, for I didn’t care for what gods could bestow their help unto me me, if plural, or singular, if Greek or modern, I JUST WANTED OUT OF IT!

    The monster came closer and with a touch of madness brushed over me with it’s liquid like form, a squid pulsating of most irrational growth patterns seeming like something new of sheer disgust was born out of its rotten limbs, its scornful ligaments out there, perversing, penetrating and mongering of the worst things yet to come. It was ephemeral and real at the same instant, a horror of oldest and yet newest form of insanity, buried deep down in annals of every human subconscious. As it floated, or walked, or crawled,- saturated, joyful in its reincarnation of abysmal fear it brought in a petty ant like me, it made serene progress, made it clear I was its slave. Then the creature opened itself from the inside out, pouring out now a yellowish goo of bodily fluids that stank of rotten excrements of a thousand barn cows and a ratchet bone crushing mouthlike opening was delivered in a satanic ritual of cosmic proportions, revealing that the mouth could really speak.

    You will have to impregnate me as I want a child to be born into this realm

    The monotone of the blasphemer was exuberant and almost ecstatic to a fault. Craving for my flesh it wrapped around me and gelled into something that hold me down in place. Futile in my struggle I understood that this being will take my all.

    That’s it for now. Yet I want to read this story when I finish it kinda like here and I will do it once I get a suiting job and can focus on getting back on youtube as I have so much fucking epic work to do (sof2 included! SOF 2 will become great again!):



    I recommend this book to everybody and anybody who wants to achieve great results. Yet ofc be careful so you rest and have fun with life as it’s the most important, but this book gets you into mindset of such killers like Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant from words of their personal trainer! Love this stuff! Unreal book!

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