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    Hi everybody,

    I am Mike a.k.a HouseOfPainBallz
    Im from Holland and Ive playing sof2 as long as it exists :).
    Clans i have played in, SR, Purple Haze, Godlike, U$ Soldiers.

    With great pleasure im helpin Gman keepin the server clean from hackbastards 🙂 haha.
    Gman and i have discussed a few times about some changes in the server.
    Cause its gettin very VERY crowded at the moment and thats awsome offcourse!!!

    Im always listening to the crowd what the like and dont like in the server, so here is our thoughts.

    !. !!PLEASE!! remove the nade from the M4. (many people are complaining about it and with a full server its hard to play normal)
    2. And if its not to much work to remove the map mp_col1 and replace that one with kam1 (CTF) (everytime when we enter mp_col1, they gonna start next map voting)
    3. And if possible maybe enter 2 extra maps, after a poll in the server most votes came out for a dessert map (CTF) and shop4 (DM).

    Im convinced if this can be done the server will explode 24/7 haha

    Keep up the good work fellows.

    Thanks Mike


    Are you talking about silver? @punisher ?

    1 – well, i doubt we can take m203 out. People tried…
    2 – This one sounds reasonable. Puni?
    3 – We can only have original maps unfortunately as most playes don’t have custom maps. Would be great to play jor1 on silver.


    As already mentions on our mapcycle topic, we are currently working on overhauling our mapcycle and weapon configurations.

    1. We are looking into balancing our weapons more. A potential solution for the M203 to reduce to blast radius or damage.
    2 & 3. New mapcycle is coming up soon, do you have a specific name for the dessert map, because I can’t do much with that description.


    Sounds like a good ide and hopefull m203 can disapeer 😀 many servers has take it away. But maybe not custom map but newer silver maps is on many other silver server .
    They have the maps but not the people :D:D

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