I played a few hours tonight… I still suck

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    Just like 15 yearsISH ago!

    How the hell are you guys? Where are the rest of my izzles and OBC?



    Welcome to the community. ๐Ÿ™‚
    We are doing good even tho having some ddos attacks. Hope you are doing great too.



    I am. I’m missing the game. I saw a tutorial on youtube to get me up and running. Took me 5 minutes and I was on the server.

    Catch me up on who all is still in the clans and how much people are or are not playing.

    1- Team OBC? They still around?

    2- Team Izzles?

    3- You guys?

    4- Wasteland server?

    I hav yet to see any RMG desert maps. I assume nobody is hosting them?


    • I can remember OBC from a long time ago, but they are gone for a long time already (if i’m not mistaking).
    • Can’t remember izzles.
    • We play regularly, usually our prime time is around 20:00 – 23:00 UK Time (may vary per day). We also try to host clan nights. (Such as one for tomorrow, which i’ll create a new post for in a little bit).
    • Don’t think the wasteland server is still here, haven’t seen it in a while. If i’m not mistaking it was up like 2 years ago, but didn’t take notice of it.
    • Nobody really plays RMG maps anymore, I tried introducting it to our server a while ago, but didn’t really work out. We mainly try to stick with our standard custom maps and modified singleplayer maps.


    I think with the surge of pubg and fortnite, there is a nice opportunity to raise awareness of this game again.

    It’s faster pace…

    My son loves it now@

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