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    Well if you guys fancy dipping your hands into a bit of a competative games then i have taken the time to setup a more competative server on 1.00 since alot of clans have the same already.
    Now it would be nice to get reconized as a competative team on 1.00 so we can get the name out there. Win or Loose its no big deal so no worries lol.

    I have added a nice little competative macycle mixed with core maps , selective gold maps and the popular downloaded maps.

    The cycle looks like the following (so far) …

    Map 1 – Kam2 – CTF
    Map 2 – Shop1 – INF
    Map 3 – Jor1 – CTF
    Map 4 – Shop2 – CTF
    Map 5 – Ravem – INF
    Map 6 – Shop69 – CTF
    Map 7 – Dep1 – INF

    Weapons are Normal Damage and 3rd Person is enabled on this server only.

    The other 1.00 server has been updated but is running just Gold Maps for the time being , the reason for this is i had some issues with the custom edits not working correctly , I will need to get that fixed when i get home from my vacation unless eric wants to take a look while im away , the custom edits have been added they can be found in the maps folder just cant seem to make them Gel properly.

    Enjoy guys


    All sounds good, and I can certainly take a look at it here soon, and see if I can’t figure something out.

    I may be missing something, but I am not sure what you mean by Gel properly?

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