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    Hello guys! It’s Cesc here i must say that i didn’t update my account for this site pm’d me at my phone since i just skipped it and i had to register again cause i wasn’t redirected anymore from the old website with my account. Today i came back playing some SoF2 at your server but there was a cheater called “samsepiol =AW=” I don’t know who this guy is but i can tell he was aimbotting since the map jor1 which i was playing with a couple other players. Disgusted, i decided to just go out and make this post to let you know that someone is cheating at your server check your logs and you will see. p.s : some more admins should def join your server even in the very first afternoon because this stuff happened 20 minutes ago.
    Also there was another player called “Charles De Witte” with belgian coloured nick that was supporting this guy from spec. See you on server.

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