Hello badasses, how are you doing?

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    Hello, this is your favourite Englishman Hudson (the good looking one who everyone is afraid to play against). How is everyone? I’ve looked on the website a few times but not much seems to be happening these days.

    Not played for about 7 months now as lots of things going on – family stuff, house move and just life in general. Gets in the way sometimes.

    Will need to reinstall SOF and look in for a game sometime. Still watching ‘Aliens’ all the time 🙂

    UK is still totally fucked up by Boris and his band of criminals, they’re now starting to give out the vaccine and judging by the comments I’ve seen on social media, I reckon about half the people here won’t be taking it. I think we’ll see some real SOF fighting on our streets soon the way things are going. No way am I having anything injected into me – especially not from Pfizer company, who have a long list of compensation payouts for faulty vaccines.

    Stay safe people – and beware of the politicians. There’s no respawn if they kill you off 🙂 Hope to see you all soon in the server.

    Your ever-loving Hudson x


    Website isn’t to active idd, mainly due to a bunch of ddos attacks that happened, so we kinda moved to discord for most of our communication.
    See the top left for the discord icon to join our discord.

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