Clannight 18th and 19th of August 2018

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    Hey guys,

    2 last session before i’m taking off for a while, and we’ll be doing it next Saturday and possibly sunday, 18th and 19th of august.
    As i dont have the time to setup the maps and downloads, we’ll be playing the same maps as we did last clan night.

    Let’s make the first night on saturday a night where we just fool around and have some fun and if we want to go through on sunday do a competitive session with the same maps.

    The maps can be found here:

    here is a quick list of the maps:
    – hf_subway
    – mp_dep1
    – mp_italy
    – mp_shop4
    – mp_shop69
    – ras_conference_room
    – xmas_jor

    If not enough people show up then we’ll be heading to the main server. This will be done when everybody arrived and we find it better to play on main and gain some traffic there. If there are enough people to play then we’ll remain on the clan night server.

    Let’s make some great evenings and have some fun.

    Kind Regards,

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