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    Real Name : Ben

    Age : 29

    Location : Germany

    Past Clans : Have been leader from one of the top clans in SoF2 MP Demo in the golden days.
    You probably don’t believe it but there was a pretty big community around which just played MP_SHOP INF.
    Also played some 2v2 ladder Sof2 Full.

    Where did you hear about us? : Coincidence really.

    Why you want to join us : most importantly good community, secondly also good level of play

    Recruiter*: /



    Somebody pick this up.



    Hi ben, welcome
    I dont recall seeing you play on the server, is Ben your nickname?
    i remember a ben and seb (hs clan) playing on the 2vs2 tournament we had like a year and a half ago or so, u played vs Delic and Kassschaaf, if it is you that is. I have seen seb around though

    btw ive also played the demo back then before the full game came out, for -=RUSH=- clan if that rings a bell. SHOP1 inf all the way baby

    anyways, puni, so new recruits rules basically means everybody gets insta recruit if nobody objects and if they filled the join template correctly? (as Ben did)



    Well, i think you tag up mate! Nowadays the recruitment process is simplified comparing to old times. So it’s been one week or so and nobody objected. So, tag up!

    Mind that it’s ok to the server to be a bit empty these days, because people are still going back to school.

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