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The House of Pain Community was created by 5 like minded players… Akademiks, ScarZ, DimMakzu, Lady and Link. Who wanted to create a place for players to enjoy and feel at home without the usual rubbish that came with a lot of other servers such as unneccesary abusive behaviour, cheating, admin abuse and horribly laggy servers.

Within a short period of time our community grew bigger then we expected and before we knew it, players from all around the world wanted to join our community. We decided to turn the community into a fun community clan, allowing players of all ages and all skill levels to become members.

We don’t play to win, we play for fun and we try to make sure our visitors are doing the same.

Our Goals

Our goals as a clan and as a community is to create a one stop server where players are having fun and are enjoying their time on our servers. We aim to do this by having simple processes in place to keep the server fun for everyone. We also make sure that our servers are of top quality performance and are well maintained to provide gamers with a lag free and pleasant experience at all times.

We take all users suggestions and complaints very seriously regardless if they are members of the team or not to help us improve the server and the community for everyone. We will always try to implement any suggested changes that players recommend but from time to time some suggestions will not be possible but when this is the case we will always give the user a valid and in depth reason to why we can’t accept their suggestions.

We strive for success so making sure our players remain happy we achieve our main goal and that is to have a active server where members and players alike are happy to come and play.


House of Pain has a wide selection of public game servers open for everyone to enjoy and use.

All servers are maintained to a high standard to make sure that our server users are able to enjoy a lag & cheat free experience at all times.

Our servers have a large amount of highly experienced admins around at all times of the day to enure that players are playing fair at all times.

Check out our servers in the list below:

Gold Main

Silver Main

Join Us

The House of Pain Community is always open for new clan and community members from all ages and skill levels. We won’t turn down any player from joining our team without good reason, meaning when you apply to join us you are more then likely going to be accepted unless you have done something that prevents you from joining (such as hacking).

When you join us you are not just joining a clan, but an ever growing online gaming family.

We strive to help members of various kinds of game knowledge from new beginners to oldschool warriors.

The House of Pain Community looks for two things in possibly new members and those are the following:

  • Players with a sens of humour, that don’t take themselves, others and the game too seriously.
  • Players that are active and want to help our community grow bigger and stronger.

If you think that you share our focus and our goals, and would like to drop us an application to become a member of our clan then please apply using the link below: [ADD-LINK]


The house of Pain Community does have some rules set in place to make and keey the community fun and fair for everyone that plays on our servers and for those who uses our website(s) or voice servers (discord, teamspeak etc…).

Our rules can be found in our rules section here:

However, most rules are common sense, such as no hacking/cheating and to be nice to others.

Note: rules can be subjected to change with no to little warning. However, we will always try to announce major rule changes to keep everybody as updated as possible.

Social Media

The House of Pain Community can be found on various social platforms allowing users to engage with each other outside our forums and servers.

These social platforms are used to share various information, content, discussions or other announcements.

Check out our social media:

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