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Website migration

Discussion in 'News & Updates' started by punisher, Mar 29, 2018.

  1. punisher

    punisher Hacker
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    Aug 13, 2015
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    Hello everybody,

    After some great time on our current webhosting, we have decided to move our hosting to a move suitable place, which makes payments easier.
    Our current hosting only accepts Creditcards and the people currently paying for the hosting have to call their bank and grant access for the payment each month.
    I've decided to take over the payments and with that made the decision to migrate our website to a cheaper hosting located in the Netherlands.

    This weekend the whole website will be transferred over to the new webhosting, and during this period the website will be down. This may take up to 24 hours before it's back online.

    During this period, i'd encourage everybody to use Discord for our main way of posting stuff, and making it a temporary replacement for our forum.
    Discord: http://discord.gg/uUP5VrB

    Any updates and/or announcement will be posted on our Discord, during the website downtime.

    Have a nice easter holiday,
    Kind Regards,
    HoP Management
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