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Interview with Cesc95*

Discussion in 'Interview Section' started by Cesc95*, Jan 22, 2018.

  1. Ces

    Cesc95* New Member

    Jan 13, 2018
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    Gaming experience :

    1.Q. Since how long have you been playing SoF 2 ?

    1.A. I started playing it back in summer 2007, when my brother gave me a copy of the Silver Version cd and started playing around every server, i was 12 years old and the community was pretty consistent. However, i've started to play the gold edition in december 2008.

    2.Q. Do you remember your first SoF2 clan ?

    2.A. Of course i remember ! It was named #tG(The ghosts) or something like that, i think it was around 2010 early 2011.... Unfortunately, months later I've discovered that the clan leader used to play with cheats and i was so mad at it lol.

    3.Q. How many clans have you been into ?

    3.A. I can't say things about the exact amount of clans i've been into, but here's a list from what i remember :
    #tG, [FH], uK*[a], Ev!L, u][s, 'hS*(Hooligans) and #ph which has been my last clan in the last past 2 years and the one I've left on 20 January 2018.

    4.Q. What's your favourite map ? Your favourite weapon? The most skilled player you have been playing with?

    4.A. My favourite map is obviously jor1 but the very first map i've been into was Italy! I love Italy map so much but jordan has my vote! I wouldn't consider that i have a favourite weapon, i use a lot these ones: mp5, ak74 and m590. The most skilled player i've played with is definitely Plograt. Never seen such good player in many ways of gaming like that on this game, in my opinion one of the best players of all times and if not, the best ever.

    About me:

    1.Q. What's your name ? How old are you ? Where are you from ?

    1.A. My name's Francesco. Yes, like the Pope Francis Bergoglio so Aaaaamen(ok no). I'm 22 years old, i was born on 18/11/1995 i don't know If I belong to X or Y generation just wanted to make a statement lol. I'm from Italy.

    2.Q. What you do in your life? Your hobbies?

    2.A. Actually i've just started a course in making sites as a WebMaster, I'm really enjoying that :) . I love music, i like to play the piano-keyboard i have sometimes, i love Daft Punk in particular but also the Cyberpunkers are great in my opinion and obviously the most famous rock/grunge/metal bands like Queen, Nirvana, Alice in chains, Rolling Stones, S.O.A.D, R.H.C.P, Iron Maiden etc.

    3.Q. So let's back in time. How have been the last past 3 years of your life?

    3.A. Well, I would say that we need to start talking about it from the very beginning. In summer 2015 I've taken the graduation in accountancy with nice results in oral/written points. In 2015 I've discovered new friends and left some who used to talk shitty right from the back, things were just getting started, I've discovered a new clan in SoF 2 called <HoP> and there i started the drama which has ended in early 2017 but let's not spoil that now ! Now you must know what happened through it back in 2016. One day in 2016's spring i was playing sof 2 like a normal day. After a couple of minutes, i couldn't play properly anymore, like i was loosing totally my view of style playing and there i realized something was changing inside me. A few weeks later i couldn't even get out from my bed, even if my parents were calling me to have lunch or dinner, i just kept staying on my bed without hanging out anymore from my house so I've lost all of my friends due to this shit, i couldn't even sleep at night for several days but then after a couple of months things have changed i got better in health and i started to be the Francesco i was before it all started, and here i am today to show you all how i realized my personality has changed in good.

    4. An appeal

    4. I know that most of you know me such as TheBarone a.k.a the trouble-maker, and i know the past between me and you <HoP> has been disgraceful and disrespectfull at its very high limits but nowadays, after many months and years passed away i can't say that human relationships between me and some of you have changed in good, probably some of you still hate me for the shit I've done in the past, but after i talked with a few of you in the last months i got a good comeback and a welcoming at your server, even invites to play and that's sincerely what i want to bring with me , sure shit-talking and inappropriate behaviour is unwelcome here so i know how i can approach to you, sometimes i felt provoked to react like my old Carachter by one of you i won't mention him/her here to not start drama again. That's all for now Thank's for reading, reply and leave a like if you want :* love you all <3
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  2. BlastorZ

    BlastorZ Administrator
    Administrator S-Admin Clan Member System Operator

    Sep 19, 2015
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    Your words, if even honest, count less than time, which is going to show what you are made of mate.
    Having that said, still noble of you to come here to explain the situation. You can bet, you are not the only one with issues here.

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