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House of Pain - Clan Night Videos

Discussion in 'News & Updates' started by punisher, Nov 18, 2015.

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    Aug 13, 2015
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    A few months ago we arranged a DM Tourney. We said everyone to record their games, but due to Refrag issues and people forgetting to record, it made it a hard time getting to proper material, and i'm still looking for proper things to get into.
    In this tourney i only had footage of MDK DL and Myself, and from 2 people just less then 10 minutes.

    Clan Night Videos
    Now i think these Clan Night events might be good Promotion for our server and to have as a Clan Movie.

    Now i'd like to have everyone playing the Clan Night Recording their Games.
    This way i can get the Gameplay of everyone and i might get epic footage of it.

    What do i have to do?
    I created a easy script to use for recording your Demos.
    Just download the cfg file from here: http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=45009451336800756973
    Put the demo.cfg into your base/mp folder of your game.
    When ingame just open Console with ~ or on whatever button you have set it, and type /exec demo
    Now it'll say execing demo, and when you press F9, it'll record a demo ( Displaying a text in the upper middle of the screen ).
    F9 can be changed in the cfg to any button you'd like, e.g. a, i, 9, 0, =

    Refrag has a bug which makes me unable to rewind when a demo is longer than 10 minutes or 1000kb.
    So be aware to Stop a demo when it almost reaches 1000kb or is just over the 1000kb. You can instantly start a new demo by pressing F9 again, and it'll go on where you stopped your demo.

    This way footage won't get lost and it'll be easier for me to spot the good parts of the game and i don't need to restart the whole video.

    So when the demo almost reached 1000kb, please stop and restart the demo. It'll reach 1000kb around the 8th to 10th minute of the game.
    So atleast stop the demo every 10 minutes!! But recommended to stop it at 1000kb.

    I hope to get some footage very fast, so we can get our Clan Video up very fast.

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