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<HoP> Serverlist Upgrade

Discussion in 'News & Updates' started by punisher, Jul 3, 2017.

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    Aug 13, 2015
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    Our own serverlist webpage will be getting an upgrade.
    For the people unfamiliar with our serverlist you can find it here: http://serverlist.houseofpainserver.co.uk/

    We display live feed of our own servers, to quickly find info about our server.
    How many people are online, who is on our server, is our server online or offline, what map is currently being played?

    Now this system is fairly poorly coded, does not have a system behind it and can use a make-over.
    I'd also like to make this public for other servers and clans, by including a system with it.

    Therefore our serverlist will be going through an upgrade.

    What will be changing?
    User Interface
    The user interface will be getting a small make-over. Getting a look more similar to our community design.

    To make it easier for upcoming project members to join up on this project, and whenever i release this as an "Open Source" project. I thought it would be better to use a Framework to build the system on.
    The system will be functioning with the codeIgniter Framework. codeIgniter has been chosen above Laravel due to it's learning curve and because we are building a small project which codeIgniter would function better on in my opinion.

    This framework functions with the MVC (Model-View-Controller) and makes routing easier and more friendly for the users.


    Our current routing with ?s={id} does not function a very user friendly way.
    Our routing system will change to a more "Logical" manner, by undergoing to following routes:

    As to you can see /server/1 is much easier to remember then /?s=1, as /server/1.

    Strict coding rules

    Programming goes according to the codeIgniter user Guide, which keeps coding similar to each other on both html and php side.


    CRUD stands for Create, Read, Update, Delete. The system will be using CRUD to manage the Servers. People will be able to submit a server, which will be pending untill an admin approves it for the public. Then they can be read by everybody, and updated or deleted by the admins.

    Sessions and Login

    On our current serverlist there is no possibility to add a server, delete a server, or edit a server. You aren't able to login on the system either, and it only functions as a Serverlist.
    Everything has to be done through the database, and that isn't the proper way to do it.

    The serverlist will be running on the same session as our forum does. This means that it'll check wether or not you are logged in on our forum or not and what your permissions are.

    If you are an Administrator, then you will be able to Edit or Delete a server. But if you are a normal member, clan member, s-admin or whatever other rank. Then you won't be able to edit or delete a server.

    I am uncertain wether or not to implement a register and login system on the serverlist, or if it's required to undergo that through our forum, as that's more secure to do.


    I'll be mostly working on my own environment, as it's faster, easier and i don't need to have internet to work on it. I'll try to setup a Preview update every once in a while, but i'm not sure if i'd do that. If i decide to setup a preview, then i'll update this topic.

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  2. punisher

    punisher Hacker
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    Aug 13, 2015
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