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Sniper_India v2

a 1v1 awp_india remake - First Preview

  1. Sniper_India

    A map for Aimpractise but also for normal gameplay with a little bit of Mayhem.

    It's a fairly small map to play with 30 players, but it has the capacity to carry teams of 15 on CTF, ELIM, DEM & INF.


    Supported Gametypes: DM, TDM, CTF, ELIM, INF, DEM


    1. upload_2016-12-18_16-25-48.png
    2. upload_2016-12-18_16-25-57.png
    3. upload_2016-12-18_16-26-41.png
    4. upload_2016-12-18_16-27-54.png
    5. upload_2016-12-18_16-27-59.png
    6. upload_2016-12-18_16-28-53.png