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Rocmod 2.1c - Client Addition 2016-10-25

The most popular sof2 mod

  1. punisher
    Extract the .zip file uzing winZip, 7zip or Winrar.
    The file will contain a folder named "Rocmod" and within that folder a pk3 file.
    Make sure to put the folder in your sof2 folder (where your sof2mp.exe is located).

    Now simply launch your game and join any rocmod server.

    Thanks go out to the following people/groups:

    Orange Smoothie Productions, Sneaky Nordic, PSYCHO MOD
    - For creating the best admin mods out there, and giving me the inspiration to do it even better.
    -]RoC[- General Disorder
    - For early beta testing and overwhelming excitement about the project
    -]Reign of Chaos[- Clan
    - For beta testing the first versions of the mod, and generally just being
    a great bunch of guys. ROC RULES!!
    - Teal'C and the [Made] Clan
    - For helping test the mod, and providing great feedback and ideas
    - Milker
    - For bugging the hell out of me to get features added and released on a regular basis
    - Dr. Pimp
    - For helping write and test parts of the mod I had little interest in :)
    - The whole SOF2 community
    - For being very enthusiastic and supportive of ROCmod, and helping it grow

Recent Reviews

  1. Snake.uK
    Version: 2016-10-25
    Epic mod!