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eShoot Maps v1

This are the maps for the eShoot 2v2 ND Tournament

  1. punisher
    This file contains all the Custom maps for the eShoot 2v2 ND

    How to install
    Extract the files to your sof2/1fx.rocmod folder.
    If you do not yet have a 1fx.rocmod folder, then create one.

    Our client servers will scan for maps in this file only.
    You are free to also add this to your base folder, but in order to join the eShoot 2v2 ND server, you'll need to have these maps in atleast the 1fx.rocmod folder.

    Alternative Download routes
    Turn on auto download (If you don't have our client addition yet), and let it downoad. ( If you already have the client addition, it'll auto download anyhow).

    Seperate download: You can always download the files seperately, simply search the files, but download this .zip will be faster.

    It contains the following maps:
    - mp_dep1
    - mp_shop69
    - mp_shop8
    - mp_italy
    - hf_subway
    - mp_jor3
    - mp_aztec
    - mp_fabrica
    - mp_favela
    - mp_glasswarV2
    - mp_hk8_v4
    - mp_jor8
    - mp_kam69
    - mp_miami3
    - Ras_Conference_room
    - Toyz
    - village1
    - xmasJor
    - gg_punishment
    - gg_Churches
    - kaminca
    - kamjordan
    - mp_aba
    - mp_alora
    - mp_bajoV2
    - mp_carpathian
    - mp_cbank
    - mp_finca8
    - mp_finca69
    - mp_jor69
    - mp_kamsub2
    - mp_lobby
    - mp_mediterranean
    - mp_pra3
    - mp_pureze 1.0
    - mp_shop4
    - mp_siege2
    - mp_train
    - mp_uppeclass
    - sa_barn
    - shopi203
    - sniper_city
    - trainmarketV2.1
    - tw_karnak
    - Valley of King (VOK)
    - vv_dawnville
    - western
    - belfast